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What is this Church?

The Apostles established local congregations, but NOT Church buildings. Church Buildings did NOT exist for the first 350 years of Christianity. The Christians met in homes when they could and often in Forest clearings (Fields). (Later we will go into who began the practice) They could preach in the open until Christianity was outlawed. But persecution of Christians was very active and intense thanks to the Roman Emperors starting by the decade of the 60s A.D. and continuing almost unbroken until the year that Constantine suspended the practice in 312 A.D. with his Edict of Toleration.The Apostles did not establish a Church Hierarchy of local Congregations where one Church had jurisdiction over others. This did not take place until this practice was instituted by Constantine when he appointed Eusebius to set up his Imperial Roman Church of the East and the West.

Most Christians in Europe know these facts, not as a consequence of studying Eastern Orthodoxy, but as a result of studying the Roman Empire in-depth.

The idea therefore of a Corporation Church, establishing itself in a Fixed geographical location, with buildings, assets, censers (incense), altars, and statues or paintings is simply absurd. And scholars who study the origins of Christianity never make the claims to the contrary, the one exception being the Vatican. The Christians were constantly under threat, constantly on the run, and constantly in fear for their lives.


So the question is, What is this church?

Is it a building? Or is it the people?

Not one time in scripture is the church referred to as a building but the name of God’s people. The idea of going to church was developed later.


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